World Textile Summit 2015

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SPGPrints is a total systems supplier to the textile printing and coating industry, providing prepress systems, printing machines and consumables for the rotary screen and inkjet workflows.

We have driven innovation in textile manufacturing for over 50 years. Our rotary screen, inkjet and coating systems represent a combined global installed base of over 2,000 systems. Given the widespread use of our technology, we make it a priority to show leadership in reducing the environmental impact of textile manufacturing.

Our consumables offer the edge in sustainability. Lacquers are chrome free. Electroformed seamless nickel screen cylinders have longer life and apply paste with minimal mechanical force – while assuring top quality results regardless of paste type or application.    

We are pushing the frontiers of process efficiency, too, by designing conventional and digital printing machines that use reduced energy, water and paste or ink.  

Perhaps a machine manufacturer’s greatest contribution to sustainability is maximising equipment lifespan.  We provide maintenance and spare parts for our printing machines for at least 20 years, and many of our machines have been in continuous service for more than 35 years. 

Our systems and processes are in compliance with stringent European environmental, health and safety legislation, and are audited regularly. As a user of SPGPrints technology, you can expect full conformity to your country’s regulations and standards as a minimum.  

We’re constantly exploring new ways of enhancing efficiency and productivity, lowering total ownership cost, and encouraging our industry partners, including customers to adopt more socially responsible manufacturing processes.