World Textile Summit 2015


  • MPeschka - 150x180.jpg
    Mary Porter Peschka
    Director, Advisory Solutions, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
    White - IFC Logo.png
  • Paula Oliveira150x178.jpg
    Paula Oliveira
    Director, Interbrand London
  • Vivek Tandon2.jpg (1)
    Vivek Tandon
    Founder and General Partner, Aloe Private Equity
    aloe-logo Vs.6.png
  • Alfonso Saibene Canepa158x179.jpg
    Alfonso Saibene Canepa
    Supply Chain and Sustainability Director, Canepa SpA
    Canepa.png (1)
  • Ching Lai Roger 150 x 178.jpg
    Roger Yeh
    President, Everest Textile Co Ltd
  • Ajay_Sardana_150-x-178.jpg
    Ajay Sardana
    Vice President, Market Intelligence, Birla Cellulose
    birla-cellulose.png (1)
  • Gemma_low.jpg
    Dr Gemma Cranston
    Senior Programme Manager, University of Cambridge (CISL)
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  • Franke Henke 150 x 178.jpg
    Frank Henke
    Global Vice President of Social & Environmental Affairs, adidas Group
  • Portrait_Dietrich_150x180.jpg
    Christian Dietrich
    Director, Systain Consulting
  • Helga Vanthournout150x179.jpg
    Helga Vanthournout
    Expert, McKinsey
    McK-logo-white vs2.png
  • Linda Keppinger 150 x 178.jpg
    Linda Keppinger
    Global Equipment Materials Director (ret.) .
  • burak158x179 JPG.jpg
    Burak Tun
    Vice President, Menderes Tekstil
    menderes_tekstil vs.2.png
  • Alan Garosi_Fulgar Marketing Manager150x180.jpg (2)
    Alan Garosi
    Marketing Manager, Fulgar S.p.A
  • HelenCrowley150x180.jpg (1)
    Dr. Helen Crowley
    Head of Sustainable Sourcing Innovation, Kering